A custom pintail cruiser with some of my own graphics. Set up with 105mm Polar Bears, Powell-Peralta 69mm 82a Dragon Skins, and Powell-Peralta griptape. Took about 30 hours total
A custom 48" dancer I made for my girlfriend. The epoxy design on top is gripped with Lucid grip, and the surrounding maple is gripped with Powell-Peralta griptape (spraypainted blue). Set up with Caliber II's + 85a plugs and Powell-Peralta 72mm 75a Byron Esserts.
A custom LDP setup I made centered around spherical objects. The top is gripped with Vicious griptape (30 grit) and has a (rough) graphic cutout that loosely looks like a stage in the Hopf fibration.




About Me

Personal Headshot from Manbeck-Hoxter Wedding

My name is Chris and I'm a mathematics Ph.D. student at University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) studying Algebraic Geometry with a focus towards stability conditions (as occuring in String theory, etc).

Prior to my focus on pure mathematics, I completed my masters in applied computational topology, which itself was a bit of an abstraction from my undergrad in computer science engineering. Oddly enough, it all started with my love of Latin and classical Greek — but that's getting a bit off track.

Nowadays I spend the majority of my free time either woodworking like my father, or downhill / slalom longboarding (see homepage video). If you're ever in the central California area for the latter, give me a hollar. Thanks for visiting!